Back working with pout make up

Great shoot with Pout make up  Clare Pinkney Martin Pinkney  Joyce Conner Hanna Widman Model Alexa Walters 


Jude and Oliver

It's always great to work with dancers but street dancers bring a different dimension  to the shoot . One this for sure Jude and Oliver brought amazing energy as well as stunning talent. I met these guys a couple of years ago and always wanted to test with them so when the right opportunity came up then i was straight on Facebook to get them in the studio. The shoot was not about dance but its was very much about seeing what these talented people could do in a photographic stills situation. Here is a few of the shots . Same up by Hanna Wildman 


Jimmy Campbell Hairdressing Test shoot

Creativeportrait test shoot Jimmy Campbell Hairdressing 

Test shooting for model agencies is alway high on my list of things todo.It enables me to try ideas and themes try lighting patterns . Here is a great example of this, Getting great portfolio shots for both make -up hair and model These Images were created for the Jimmy campbell hairdressing team. 




Pleased to say that I’m yet again a Master photographer award winner .This is one of the highest awardsthat a photographer can get and I’m proud to have achieved it.Looking forward to the presentationon the 8th October Here is my winning image

Merit of Excellence award MPA

Autumn is coming

Looking forward to shooting with all the rich colours of Autumn 


Autumn Colours always make for a beautiful shoot with crisp strong light and a beautiful model 


Martin Pinkney Hairdressing

Creating a new line of commercial images for Martin's salon with the beautiful Ella Cornwall modelling  the brief was very simple ' keep it simple but effective and make it pink ' great shoot to work on . Make up by Clare Pinkney 


Pout Make up academy

Great to work with Models Sophie Thorpe and Sophie Walker on the Pout Make up  shoot to produce see marketing images 


Maternity shoot alternative

Maternity shoot alternative

Finding something new to do with maternity clients can be a problem. the problem can often be the customers preconception of what a maternity shoot should be or the photographers preconception of what they think it should be. Personally I see it differently . I prefer to look at it from a portrait point of view a portrayal of who the mother and father is and what they are as people. The notion came to me after meeting withToy , the beautiful mum to be in this publication. She said to me that she really wanted to capture herself as in the last stages of pregnancy , Baby is due in two weeks, but she did not want flowing whit trails or half naked images of her belly. What she wanted was to reflect the person that she is come rain or shine.And my god it did rain. Despite this Toy wanted to go ahead with the shoot , Being an outdoor person and wanted the shoot to be outside with like i said rain or shine. She want a more of a rustic feel with a mixture of urban decay and soft country. I found the right location, unfortunately I’m not at liberty to give you the locationbut i’m sure that there are loads of similar places around the UkToy selected the clothing that she normally used through her pregnancy andwent went ahead with the shoot. \Here is a couple of the images from the shoot. I think what I am trying to say when you are asked to do a maternity shoot try to think out of the box a bit, work with the personality of the client and it they want something differenthelp them to achieve what they want. 



London Rooftop Shoot KUNAT of LONDON

Very interesting shoot , London is alway a great venue to shoot , Kunat of London is a great design company with some stunning clothing . here is a few images from the shoot 


Models Of Diversity  Headed up by Angel Stclare specialise in models that are very much main stream people . People that reflect our society as a whole. This mean models of all nations, shapes and sizes. It a very responsible way of looking at today fashion requirement . Sadly though 'THE MAIN STREAM INDUSTRY' still struggle to support this move. Katie featured below is a young model below the required standard height . But every bit as elegant as the main stream models of todays cat walk .


 MOD Shoot , Photography by iGROOVER

Clothing design Toy Valentine On the four images below plus added model Gemma Chadderton - Make up for these images ( below) was done by MAY MOLINA