British Hairdressing Awards New changes

What do you need to do to enter the British Hairdressing awards ?

Well, there are massive changes happening this year that I think will help level the playing field for contestants acrossthe all categories!

The main difference is that you will have to place images in before any retouching is commenced .It means that Hairdressers will no longer be able to say the word ‘ DON’T WORRY WE CAN FIX IT IN POST’.   Personally I think this is great as it really brings the whole thing back to being a hairdressing competitionand not a photo manipulation competition.

However this does have a massive knock on effectFor photographers as well , many photographers are going to have to learn to , pose , the model, get the lighting right , then shoot it correctly so that the everything looks great without post production. This will take highly skilled photographers to be able to implement and just as Highly skilled Hairdressers and make up artisttocomplete the Job. So no more dogs exposures, of line fringes, or bad make up application



What can you do to make it easier on yourself ?

1/Put the planning in first, create the mood-board , Don’t rely on just one theme at this stage , select a few and see how the strongest start to shine when balanced against your resources.

2/Next thing is very important you need to select a photographer and go through your ideas. This is very important as she or he will be able to give you real particle guidanceon the feasibility of your idea and the over budget that you will need to cover all cost. 

3/Model casting call, You are not going to be able to teak features or skin to work with your styleso the foundation of your look must be in the quality of your models. Make sure that your make up artist and photographer are at the casting; The photographer will probably take a photo of each model and check to see if the model takes direction easy. 

4/Here is a checklist that you need to look at for each casting model

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