British Hairdressing Awards


The British Hairdressing awards is one of the biggest events in the UK hairdressing Calendar . It's a two part event. Round one requirements are generally  4 images set to the required brief. It's a challenging competition that will stretch your team to the max. The event is sponsored  by Schwarzkopf and facilitated  by HJ  

Round two is to present  another 4 images  that completes  an eight images collection.

To make budgeting easier  for you we have a fixed basic day rate that will include the usage of the images for the competition. 8 Different looks are needed for this competition and they must have a even constancy  of tone, colour, backgrounds and shooting style. You can use wigs and added hair but each category has a different set of rules for this so i would advise that you read through before you start your planning. You can shoot this competition over two separate days however it would certainly have a devastating effect on the constantly  of the final images. My advise is to try to shoot it all in one day this will also reduce your costs and guarantee that you achieve a stronger collection.

Day Rate for and eight images shoot and edit is £1900

Day Rate for  a 4 image shoot is £1200 inclusive of the edit.


L'Oreal Colour trophy 


This is another important competition for all L'Oreal Salons, the photography is a lot easier on this but non the less important as it constitutes the first round of the competition. What L'Oreal are expecting is a great photo production of their colour range that is styled in a artistic blow your socks of style. It must include emerging trends. In round one they are looking very much at your style colour,  model and make up. Do not underestimate the importance a professional make up artist. Although a professional model is not part of the requirements  I have to say you can do the best cut -co;our and finish in the world but if you hang it on a model that does not sell it  for you then it will be unlikely that you get through.

Day Rate for L'OREAL CT is £800 and that includes two finished edited images 

You can have up to 6 models the first two are included in the price any additional models will be charged at £95 included of finished edit.

GOLDWELl Color Zoom 


Each of the main companies have their competitions and Goldwell are no different Each year Goldwell come up with a theme that is the main point of their colour styling things Like disruption  and other ideas , normally these power words attempt  to produce a trend through out Goldwell product salons . The First round is a photo entry as with L'OREAL  Day Rate for Goldwell is £800 inclusive of the first two models. £95 inclusive of edit for any additional  models